Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ICC Judges issue the Arrest Warrant

Amherst, MA- March 4th, 2009- The Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued today Arrest Warrant of the President of the Sudan Lt. General Omer Al-Bashir in response to the request of the ICC General Prosecutor, Luis Ocampo.

The Democratic Alliance (Northeast Region Chapter)-DA is welcoming the decision of the three-judge panel and looking forward for more indictments and Arrest Warrants against all other perpetrators. Today’s decision of the ICC judges was not possible without the work of many political orgs in Diaspora like DA and other human rights groups that spared no effort in exposing the crimes of the President Al-Bashir regime to the world.

The DA is watching with heightened concern the threats and calls of violence from the regime of President Omer Al-Bashir against the UN personnel in Sudan and against any person who will cooperate with the ICC. These threats have been shown in many signals from the regime’s media and affiliated political groups with the ruling National Congress Party in Sudan. This is an irresponsible statement from the Government of the Sudan.

The DA demands that the Government of the Sudan to take all the necessary measures to guarantee non-violence against civilians in Khartoum and all other parts of Sudan in response to an ICC arrest warrant for President Al Bashir’s.

The DA urges the Obama Administration to show more support to justice in Sudan and provide evidences to the ICC on the involvement of President Al-Bashir’s regime in planning Darfur crimes.

The road to a sustainable peace in Darfur is only possible by bringing justice to the families of hundreds of thousands of victims, and millions who lost their homes and properties.

Today’s decision of the ICC to arrest the Sudanese president is considered a landmark and a major step towards combating impunity for horrific crimes in Darfur and other regions in the Sudan.

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