Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Southern Sudanese Student wins a National research Award

from UMASS Website: http://www.umass.edu/loop/talkingpoints/articles/83550.php

PhD student named National Geographic Emerging Explorer

Wildlife biologist and conservationist Malik Marjan, a Ph.D. student in Natural Resources Conservation, has been named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Marjan, who is studying with professor Todd Fuller, has been involved for many years in wildlife surveys in southern Sudan. His fieldwork helped document previously unknown large herds of migrating animals in an area torn by war for more than 25 years.
Marjan’s work received worldwide publicity in 2007 when the studies were released.
As a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Marjan receives $10,000 for research and exploration. Supported by the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers Program recognizes and supports gifted and inspiring young adventurers, scientists, photographers, and storytellers—explorers who are already making a difference early in their careers.
Each year up to 10 explorers are chosen from fields as diverse as anthropology, space exploration, mountaineering and music. The program does not accept applications or unsolicited nominations. National Geographic relies on a network of experts who nominate new candidates each year. Candidate lists are kept confidential, and nominees are not notified that they have been nominated.

Photo by Mollie Freilicher
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